Here in the Cowboy State, we have our own unique language.

For example, these five words or phrases that take on a completely different meaning in other parts of the country.

1. Buffalo - The majestic animal on the Wyoming State Flag is NOT a buffalo. Buffalo live in Africa. Here in Wyoming, we have bison, some of whom roam near the town of Buffalo.

2. Poke - A poke isn't just something you do to your Facebook friends. Poke is short for Cowboy and serves as a nickname for University of Wyoming students, athletes and alumni.

3. Oysters - For most people, an oyster is a delicacy from the sea. Here in Wyoming, an oyster comes an entirely different place.

4. Turon - In Asia, a turon is a tasty snack made with deep fried bananas and brown sugar. In these parts, we spell it "touron" and it stands for a moronic tourist.

5. Six Pack and a Pound - Down in Colorado, a six pack and a pound is how hippies get pumped up for a Phish concert. Here in Wyoming, it's how we feed a group of hungry kids at Taco John's.