The earth is about to stop spinning on its axis, as Flo Rida and Pitbull (and a bunch of fine babes with booties that bounce) have teamed up for the 'Can't Believe It' video.

Both Floridians -- Flo and Mr. Worldwide aka Mr. 305 -- feature left and right on other tracks. So for them to appear together? We pretty much can't handle it.

For the record, it's Flo's track and Pit features. But the ladies -- both real and CGI -- that shake those luscious badonkadonks deserve equal mention, since they factor so prominently into the clip and grab our attention.

This one is for the dudes, thanks to those supersized bootays.

The CGI motorboat? Someone oughta get canned over that since it looks so fake. Other than that, little thinking is required with this vid.

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