While you are out and about during these final days of summer, and you happen to stumble across a grizzly, he's likely not going to give you a bear hug.

Just within the last week, SEVEN people in five separate states in America have been taken down by bears.

We had a guy ripped up by a bear in Alaska....a girl chewed up while roughing it in a campground in Colorado State...two hikers tossed around in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming...another pair ripped up in Idaho...and a casual jogger attacked in the state of Michigan.

Sharknado? That's nothing compared to the real-life violence that has occurred!

But, keep this in mind, random attacks like this are...well, random! Believe me when I say that the bears of the nation haven't recently made a secret vow to attack the human race.

Oh, and another thing to ease your concern. None of these victims mentioned above were killed in the mauling attacks. Truth is, under 20 people have been killed by bears since 2000.

However, it's always a good idea to be prepared. If you are attacked by a bear, the best thing you can possibly do is stand your ground. Yeah, right...we'd all end up screaming and running away. But, you know, just keep that in mind if and when it does occur. Which will not.