When you're Justin Bieber, you live a life full of ridiculous perks, like having the Four Seasons Hotel pick up your car repair bills. That's called swag, swag and swag.

Justin Bieber had to take his Ferrari to the repair shop to get some work done, and it turns out his friend, rapper Lil Twist is the reason it was in need of a repair. Now remember, this is the same Ferrari the paparazzo followed and was killed while trying to get a pic of The Biebs in the car, despite that it was being driven by Lil Twist.

Um, Biebs, maybe you need to stop letting your boy borrow your ride! He's not taking good care of it.

According to TMZ, while he and The Biebs were staying there, Twist peeled out of the parking lot of the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills and bottomed out, causing damage to the vehicle. He caused anywhere from $8,000 to $10,000 in damage. Ouch.

That's like the cost of a used car or a low end new one! It's also a Ferrari, which should be treated better by its drivers.

The hotel agreed to pick up the bill in order to keep its lucrative relationship with the singer in tact. Apparently, a few gs is a small price to pay in order to keep The Biebs happy.

Such is life. It's not like The Biebs can't afford the fix. And it left TMZ and PopCrush wondering – why isn't the person who caused the damage (or his insurance) footing the bill? That's how it works in the real world. Just sayin'.

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