It's been almost four years to the day since Frank Ocean released his Grammy Award-winning album, channel ORANGE, on July 10, 2012. Now, after much date-speculation — and fan frustration — the rapper seems to be finally gearing up for the release of his highly (highly, highly, highly, etc....) awaited third album.

According to a graphic of on Ocean's official website, something called Boys Don't Cry, long-rumored to be the name of his forthcoming album, is coming July 2016. The graphic — a library due date card with Boys Don't Cry written on the bottom — is peppered with date stamps ranging from July 2015 through an undisclosed date this month.

Ocean's third record has been long-delayed: The artist originally intended to release it July of last year (2015), but when the month came and went with no news of its release, fans flocked to Twitter to vent their disappointment.

Similarly, back in November 2015 it was rumored that the Louisiana-bred singer and rapper might soon be dropping a song called "White Ferrari" off the upcoming album, but it never happened.

So, what happened to the track, if it was even Ocean's to begin with? And why has his album been so long delayed? Hopefully our questions will be answered over the next few weeks. Don't let us down again, Frank!

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