The lovely and talented ladies of ‘Glee‘ offer up their beautiful, spare cover of Florence + the Machine‘s ‘Shake It Out.’ Covering Flo is never what we would call an easy task, since her music is so unusual and her voice is so unique. But the ‘Glee’ cast surely makes the redhead proud with their rendition. They offer up their unique take and make it their own. Just beautiful, girls.

The song, which appears on tonight’s (May 1) episode, dubbed ‘Choke,’ is sung by Mercedes, Brittany, Tina and Sugar. There’s something beguiling about the way the four female voices harmonize on the song, all the while retaining its signature bigness.

As Season 3 winds down, the song choices and covers are getting bigger and better. Take a listen to the ‘Glee’ version of ‘Shake It Out’ and tell us what you think, and tune in to FOX tomorrow night at 8PM to watch it on the show.

Listen to ‘Glee’ Cast, ‘Shake It Out’