As we gathered from the title ‘Yes/No,’ last night’s episode of ‘Glee‘ was all about proposals — and it delved much deeper than just the expected engagements.

After being wishy-washy for the last time, and then enlisting the help of the New Directions, Will Schuester finally popped the question to Emma. She said yes, and I know that right now you’re thinking duh, of course she said yes, but c’mon, guys. This is exciting!

The other proposal in the episode was one we didn’t see from a million miles away. Finn’s proposal to Rachel, while somehow seeming inevitable, still threw us for a loop at the end of the episode. Total cliffhanger like woah!

We also got a little glimpse into more romance for Mercedes and Sam. Mercedes keeps insisting their thing was a fling, but he wants her back, and her feelings are getting too strong to ignore. We also saw a little bit of Britanna payoff, with Brittany and Santana holding hands while watching Rachel sing ‘Without You.’

Hopefully all of these romantic plot lines, not just Finn and Rachel’s, will make it into the next episode two whole weeks from now. We can barely stand the suspense!