While you may not actually be saying goodbye to your favorite ‘Glee‘ cast members, some of your favorites are graduating on the next episode.

The finale, ‘Goodbye,’ chronicles the McKinley High seniors’ final moments as students. The music is, appropriately enough, reflective of their moving on while simultaneously looking back at their memories.

Based on the preview, there are a lot of tears and kisses in the finale. Sue and Quinn have a weepy hug, then Quinn smooches Puck for what may be the last time. Kurt and Blaine promise to stay together while Rachel breaks down into sobs during a heartbreaking moment with her love Finn.

In addition to the romance and friendships, there is the emotional tug of graduation itself — joyous and heart-wrenching at the same time — positioned right after the triumph of winning Nationals.

The ‘Goodbye’ episode of ’Glee’ will air on Fox at a special time, 9PM EST, this Tuesday, May 22.

‘Goodbye’ Episode Song List:

Puck +Finn, ‘Glory Days’ (Bruce Springsteen)

Kurt, ‘I’ll Remember’ (Madonna)

New Directions, ‘You Get What You Give’ (New Radicals)

Finn, ‘Not the End’ (The So Many’s)

Will, ‘Forever Young’ (Rod Stewart)

Rachel, ‘Roots Before Branches’ (Room for Two)

New Directions, ‘In My Life’ (The Beatles)

Watch the ‘Glee’ Preview for ‘Goodbye’