"Meat is murder" isn't just a Morrissey song, it's also a way of life for actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Except when she's occasionally stuffing meat down her gullet on national television while urging the world to go vegan.

Paltrow has already filmed a segment for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's new UK show 'Jamie and Jimmy's Food Fight Club,' where she ate a hamburger meal (complete with fries and a milkshake, horrors!) while riding a roller coaster. For seemingly no reason.

That better have been an all natural, organic grass-fed burger with a milkshake made from the pasteurized milk of whole grain-fed goats and chocolate hand-picked by monkeys in South America, lady.

"It's quite a frightening roller coaster and for me it was horrific – there was food flying everywhere ... Gwyneth told me she trusted me so I probably pushed our friendship about as far as it could go," Oliver said of the whole fiasco, in which we hope Gwynnie splattered one of her $90 white T-shirts with ketchup.

Despite the ridiculousness of the whole situation, Oliver claimed Paltrow "had a really good time." When she wasn't acting like she was too good to have one, of course. One can also hope her episode ends with a reenactment of her demise in 'Se7en.' Just for fun.

The series will premiere in the UK on December 6. (What's in the box? WHAT'S IN THE BOX?)