Oh those Hanson boys -- we mean men! They may be married adults at this point in their lives, but they're still able to pull in the ladies like when they were a young boy band. The brothers recruited '2 Broke Girls' babe Kat Dennings and 'Twilight' vamp Nikki Reed for the lead roles in their 'Get the Girl Back' video.

Hot chicks in a video for a song, which is catchier than a football, about getting the girl back is not a new concept. However, the Bros. Hanson keep it fresh, since the setting feels all too familiar if you are young and meet potential dates at concerts.

Dennings plays a hot, unattainable girl, while Reed tends bar at the venue in which the Hansons are playing while snazzily dressed.

Drake Bell -- who Rosie O'Donnell prefers to Drake the rapper -- is also in the clip. We think that's Reed's husband Paul McDonald in the bathroom scene, too!

Do the guys get the girls in the end? Watch and find out!