Harry Styles' childhood BFF Nick Clough has revealed some key deets about the One Direction hottie, like when Hazza first saw Taylor Swift and what he said about her. His friend also shared tons of adorbs photos of the 1D-er in a Scooby Doo costume and more.

What did we learn, courtesy of Clough?

They had a band called White Eskimo. When Hazza joined, he wasn't confident in his talents.

"When he first joined the band Harry didn’t think he could sing and was worried people would laugh," Clough confessed. "Being in the band really helped his confidence because people used to say he was a really good singer."

Calling Styles a "born performer," Clough revealed they worked in a bakery and Hazza would sing while on duty.

He also shared that Styles was besotted by T. Swizzle when he first saw one of her videos in 2009. "He was like ‘Oh my god, she’s really, really good looking. I would do anything for a bit of that.’ Then he went and got with her years later!," Clough recalled.

Oh he got a bit... more than he bargained for.

Girls were never a problem for H. Styles, though. Duh.

"None of the girls said no to him. He’s always been able to get whoever he wanted," Clough said. Yeah, even T. Swizzlesticks couldn't resist the Hazza charms. “If he wants a girl he’ll set his mind on it and get her if he wants her," Clough also said. Again, that sounds like the Swift sitch. He pursued her til he got her and then he was done and so were they.

He also revealed that despite the playboy image, Hazza is a romantic, having cooked candlelit dinners for the ladies. Swoooooon.

As for Styles collection of not-so-well-done tattoos, which grab headlines on the regular, Clough said his BFF "was always quite well-groomed with a prettyboy-type image, so a tattoo goes completely against that."

Styles' mum has an opinion as to why her baby boy is getting all inked up. Clough said his mama sees it as a way "to express a bit of freedom and choice because his life is so controlled. It’s something he has control over.”

That's totally fine, but how about seeking out better work? Those things are el permanente. You'll notice some Sharpie scribbles on Styles in one fo the photos from his youth and those look better than his real ones.

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