Harry Styles of One Direction is way too adorbs and utterly too presh to have his beautiful face covered up by a napkin and sunglasses. But in a new photo, Styles does his best Mr. Napkin Head. Wait, who?

This Mr. Napkin Head idea is by no means original. Hazza actually borrowed it from fellow Brit, handsome actor Jude Law, who performed a silly Mr. Napkin Head "skit" in his rom com 'The Holiday,' co-starring Cameron Diaz.

While perhaps his ex Taylor Swift might not mind seeing Hazza's face covered and obscured by a napkin, we certainly prefer looking at him uncovered. We think most Directioners share that sentiment.

In case you've not seen 'The Holiday,' well, enjoy the Mr. Napkin Head scene that we have posted below. Maybe Hazza and Law can team up and do an 'SNL' skit based entirely on the exploits of Mr. Napkin Head together. Mr. Napkin Head and Son. Okay, we're way over-thinking this...

Nevertheless, the film scene such offers a cute and heartwarming two minutes. So stop gawking at a hidden Harry and watch the real Mr. Napkin Head.

Watch Jude Law as Mr. Napkin Head