Harry Styles of One Direction is 19, but he is the heartthrobbiest in a group of heartthrobs, so it's no surprise that his sexuality came up not once but twice in the band's British GQ cover feature. First, his bisexuality was questioned, which he shot down. Now, it appears that the journalist grilled the teen over how many sexual partners he has had. You stay classy, GQ.

The tag reads "It's definitely less than 100" on Harry's own cover. It's actually way less than that. Hazza claims only two lovely ladies have had the pleasure. He's still somewhat pure, provided that he gave up the correct digits.

With girls like Taylor Swift throwing themselves at Styles' well-loafered feet, he has no trouble attracting potential partners. However, there is also the usage of a quote from Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' – which is "He's up all night to get lucky" and can also be construed as a reference to 1D's first album title — that has stirred the pot because it suggests or misleads one into thinking that Harry is somewhat promiscuous.

In the piece, the writer muses:

It comes as no surprise that Styles is, of course, fiercely protected by the 1D team. And as I'm waiting to meet the three remaining members, I get the distinct impression that the whole group-interview scenario is more for Styles' benefit than anyone else. Of course, the gods have a punchy way to deliver happenstance. And this morning for GQ at least, it comes in the form of a road-traffic accident inside the Blackwall Tunnel, the main traffic artery from inner London to the O2. This means that although Harry made it through, the other two, Louis and Zayn, are held up. Harry is, at least for a glimmer, all by himself, alone.

With Hazza exposed and unprotected – not that way!! -- without his mates, the bizarre line of sexual questioning began. The poor boy was grilled.

The transcript is as follows (courtesy of Perez Hilton):

GQ: Do you know how many people you’ve slept with?
Harry: I know the number of people I’ve slept with, yes.
GQ: What is that number?
Harry: I’m definitely not telling you!
GQ: Can you give me a rough, ballpark figure?
Harry: No!
GQ: Say “yes" or “no". Less than 100?
Harry: No!
GQ: So higher than 100?
Harry: No, it’s definitely less than 100…
GQ: Lower than 50?
Harry: Yes, lower than 50.
GQ: Lower than 30?
Harry: I’m not doing this! You’re cornering me!
GQ: Come on you’re a rock star. OK, less than 10.
Harry: Yes. Two people. I’ve only ever had sex with two people.
GQ: I don’t believe you.
Harry: Well, that’s my answer. Read from it what you will!

We get that Hazza is famous and to be grilled by a writer is an occupational hazard, it is creepy that the writer wouldn't let up.