Oh, Directioners, get ready to be SUPER jealous. Usually Harry Styles pursues ladies who have a certain amount of fame, but his most recent fling is reportedly with one of his fans!

Ladies all over the world are really wishing they could trade places with Norwegian Camilla Foss, an 18-year-old student who reportedly partied aboard a bus full of One Direction fans with Hazza. Foss is said to have met Styles at his Oslo hotel and extended the invite to Harry to get loose on a party bus with a group of friends.

A source told The Sun, "Harry was overjoyed to get the invite to jump on the bus with screaming fans.There were loads of girls pawing him, but he focused on Camilla. It got pretty sweaty in there." The source added that not only did he get her digits, but fans saw them smooching. There was even a Camilla sighting at Harry's hotel! Seems as though things got hot and heavy with the pair... Eat your heart out Kimberly Stewart!

We hope Harry Styles enjoys himself while on tour in Europe because we have a feeling the boys' U.S. tour will not afford many opportunities such as this one to get wild and crazy. 1D has reportedly hired President Obama's former secret service agents to ward off the band's very enthusiastic fans. Enjoy this while you can, Harry!

The guys have had an awfully eventful European tour and even covered the Backstreet Boys classic 'I Want It That Way' at their recent concert stop in Stockholm, Sweden. A great track passed between generations of boy bands!

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