We all know that he regrets some of his tats, but Harry Styles has nevertheless added yet another one to his amazing body of artwork. For his latest tattoo, the One Direction star got a large rose inked on his left elbow.

Eagle-eyed Directioners spied the new tattoo in photos taken of Harry with fans on Sept. 10 in Los Angeles, and immediately word spread like wildfire on social media. In the photos, the singer is casually dressed in a gray T-shirt and dark pants. His right arm is around a fan, and he's holding a pair of sunglasses with his left. The rose is partially visible in the shot. See the photo here.

The new tat is just under his large ship tattoo -- you know, the one that Taylor Swift seemingly found so fetching!

Roses are among the most popular images found in tattoos. Fellow superstar Justin Bieber even has a giant rose in nearly the exact same spot. As to their meaning, roses most often symbolize love, either won or lost. But, who knows, maybe Hazza's is a nod to the "Georgia Rose" lyric in 'Best Song Ever'?

Whatever this latest tattoo's meaning, we hope for Harry's case that it wasn't inked on by Ed Sheeran!