In a new MSNBC interviewJOHN MAYER feverishly disagreed with the rumors that he's ever been a womanizer . . . but did admit that he did had an ego problem. Could the laid back atmosphere of Montana life be bringing him down to earth?He said, quote, "I'm a recovered ego addict.  The only way that I can be sure that I don't relapse is to admit that I constantly have this ego addiction . . . every day."

He also is remorseful about a few other moments in his life, including the "Playboy" interview where he was quoted as saying that JESSICA SIMPSON was like "sexual napalm" . . . and the song he wrote about TAYLOR SWIFT.

He said, quote, "['Paper Doll'] never got listened to as a song.  It became a news story because of the lyrics.  I'm not in the business of telling people what the song is about.  I never said anything about it.

"And now I just go, 'Look, I can say the name Taylor Swift.  She's an artist.  I'm an artist.  Everybody stop.  Nobody's got an incurable cancer.  We're rich people who get to live out our dreams.  Let's just stop it.'"

When asked about Montana, he said quote, "I just found home."

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