Regardless of what goes on with our economy, the cost of tuition at the University of Wyoming keeps rising. So many Casper students and residents wonder if it's still worth getting a degree. The answer is..absolutely.

According to a new report courtesy of the College Board...the smarty-pants behind the SAT...recommend its importance now more than ever. They say that people entering the local workforce earn significantly more than others with simply a high school diploma, and the best part? They are much less likely to be without a job.

Other interesting findings:

  • Back in 2008, employees who worked full time with bachelor degree's had a modest income of $55,700. The one that didn't, their salary capped out at about $33,800 on average.
  • In 2009, the jobless or minimal employment rate for University of Wyoming graduates over the age of 25 was around 4.6%. Most with just a high school diploma was at around 9.7%.
  • Also...Casper graduates were more likely to cast their vote in elections, along with a ambition to exercise and volunteer, and are not usually the type who smoked or became morbidly overweight.

Some may disagree with this study, considering that it does not take into account exactly what you received a degree in, or the facts that the occasional high school graduate are just as successful, if not more so than college graduates.