You can’t miss the moths in Wyoming. As for how long they stay, this may explain.

Entomologists at University of Wyoming and Colorado State say this is the largest population explosion of vagabond crambus moths they’ve seen in over 30 years.

Also known as the sod webworm, they’ve lived here a long time, but usually go unnoticed since the majority of caterpillars never make it to adulthood. That’s something about their natural enemies not being as effective this year.

The population will likely last just another few weeks, but if you want them gone now, there are a few things to try, like pruning limbs with webs. Just don’t leave your door light on at night, or they’ll still crawl the outside. All moths love light. By the way, webworms feeding rarely causes damage to healthy plants.

The site has a list of their predators. For example, webs and moths are eaten by birds, spiders, bugs, and other things many of us have never heard of.

Place birdbaths, feeders and birdhouses in areas hosting webs. Mmmm, good eatin’.