Trying to get a head start on planning a Spring vacation.   Only trouble is, I'm horrible at planning early.   That's not a good thing, if it involves airfare out of Casper.   Don't get me wrong, we have a great airport - and contrary to what a lot of the "you've gotta drive to Denver" people believe, there's actually some deals to be found locally.    I found a couple of extremely cool tricks recently to look for deals, though - particularly if you're up for some last minute "wherever" trips.   Read on for info & links:

There's plenty of discount travel sites out there, all the names you know, like Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire, and that's just scratching the surface.    There's one called Kayak that does some cool searches, and as far as I know, it's the only one that offers this:    A tool that will allow you to select Casper as the departure airport, and comb any and all destinations worldwide to roll the dice and see what pops up.   It's called Kayak Buzz - try it here.

To be fair, I think some of the other sites do this kind of thing for larger airports - but at least in my past searches, I haven't found anything like this that'll do it for Casper, I assume because of our size.   Interesting, when I searched it there were deals that would take you anywhere from San Diego to Lebanon - right out of the good old Natrona County International Airport.    You can change the settings on the left to check US only, worldwide, or your favorite spots on the globe.

Another decent find lately was a site called, where you can not only search - but get similar emails from preferred airports or routes.     Today, I got one from Casper with some unadvertised deals for Vegas on Allegiant, some special rates on United, etc.   Travelocity also has a lesser-known search option for Last Minute Weekends, which doesn't help much for leaving out of Casper as that's not an option - but it does let you pick places like Denver, if you're up for a drive.   If you've got two people going somewhere, and want to bundle your flight up with a car or hotel, you can save some decent dough, in my experience at least.

I'm sure this isn't all that's out there.   Can you help?   Post your favorite travel/deal finds in the comments here, and we'll share 'em with everyone and give you credit for staking 'em out.

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