If there was a Broadway musical based on Casper, it would be called Wind.

The play starts with a girl trying to get her hair just right, but each time she steps outside the wind messes up her do. The girl, named Bree, then sings “This town blows."

Bree’s struggles with the day to day routines as she is suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. The Wyoming wind only adds to her madness. She tries to get her boyfriend, Ted, to help in her struggle, but he is more concerned about his truck than her.

Then one day while walking down Platte River Trail she finds a bottle of magic hairspray in the river. She discovers that the spray holds her hair perfectly no matter how hard the wind blows. Little does she know about the curse that accompanies the elixir.

Want more of this play? Vote to keep it alive. This story will be a choose-your-own-adventure style. If there are enough votes to keep this story going, where will Bree meet her nemesis?