Seems as though just about everything has a cocktail named after it these days.  So why doesn't Wyoming have an official cocktail?  If we did have one, what do you think it would be?

Back in 2014, a survey suggested that the drink Wyoming googled most often was 'Bloody Mary's'.  But, is that because we drink them more often or just don't know how to make one?

I would like to believe that a Wyoming cocktail would be some sort of whiskey drink?  But there are lots of "cowboy" cocktails that have more fluff or fillers than actual whiskey.

So, we'd like to know if you were making a "Wyoming Cocktail" what would you put in it?  Share your favorite drink combinations and we will pass along our favorites from your submissions.  Just remember the line from the old westerns - a 'manly' drink has less than three ingredients and a 'girly' drink, well has more (but we just want it to taste good!).

Feel free be creative and send us your 'Wyoming Cocktail' submissions -