Don't tease us, Lorde!

The 'Royals' singer recently chatted with Capital FM about Taylor Swift -- and even addressed the possibility that the two might team up for a collaboration.

Pop music fans know that Lorde and T. Swift each produce unique -- albeit, amazing -- sounds, but the New Zealander say that works in the duo's favor.

"Yeah, we are [different]," Lorde said. "But I think the cool thing about Taylor, is she is pretty willing to go a lot of places with music."

We second that. Taylor's long list of previous collaborators definitely show the singer likes to brand out and experiment.

"I think that last record ['Red'] in particular, everyone was like 'Woah', a lot of ground has been covered," Lorde added. "And I think with an artist like her the sky is the limit. But I don't know."

As for Taylor? She's been pretty vocal about her love of Lorde as well!