This is BIG! Will country music star Brett Eldredge be the next Bachelor? He sure was tweeting about the show during the three hour season finale. IMHO, it wouldn't be bad for the show to take advantage of his star power. I can tell you this, if the next Bachelor is Brett, I'll be watching!

Say it isn’t so! I love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and if you follow him on Instragram, you probably got a good scare over the weekend. He posted a picture of his Wolverine claw with the caption, ‘One Last Time.’ So what does that mean? Hopefully not the end of Wolverine! Jackman’s third Wolverine installment will be released in 2017.


A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) onMar 28, 2015 at 10:40am PDT


If this was some one I was related to, there’d be a lot of kissing up in my future. Apple CEO Tim Cook is one of the lastest in a bunch of wealthy type people that I don’t know who have said they’re leaving their fortunes to charity. Cook says he’s going to pay for his 10 year old nephew’s college, then give the rest away. How much is Cook worth? $120 million... According to Fortune, Cook also holds "restricted stock worth $665 million if it were to be fully vested."

Martha Stewart was trapped in an elevator at her headquarters for 13 minutes. I’m sure it seemed longer. And I’m also sure that elevator was fully decorated.

Everyone is going to get a piece of pot being legalized in parts of the country. Tommy Chong is now selling ‘Smoke Swipes’ which will allegedly remote the smell of pot smoke from your clothes. They even have an ad campaign for it parodying Matthew McConaughey’sLincoln commercials. Come to think of it, McConaughey would be a pretty good spokesperson.

Did you see Taylor Swift on that awards show last night playing guitar for Madonna? If you missed it, I’ll get pictures up on the website so you can check it out.Taylor looks amazing… Although I'd prefer not to see her in garters. It doesn't really fit her image. Madonna, looks like, well, Madonna.

Celebrity Birthdays Monday, March 30:
Thomas Rhett 25
Piers Morgan 50
Celine Dion 47
Eric Clapton 70
Justin Moore 31
MC Hammer 53

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