When Wyoming and Colorado State play sports, it's known as the border war. It doesn't matter the sport; it's always the border war.

The Wyoming Strong Instagram page recently reshared a clip of comedian Dustin Nickerson doing his comedy routine about the Wyoming / Colorado rivalry that only one state knows about. Take a look.

Some of the bit was funny, although I'm sure there will be Wyomingites who won't enjoy it all that much. He had some points that were right on, like if you're visiting Wyoming, we'd like to know exactly how long you're staying and when you're leaving.

He mentioned that he had done a show in Cheyenne the previous night. I haven't heard too many people talking about how great the show was, but bashing Wyoming isn't the best way to get an invite back.

On the Wyoming Strong post, their caption was three words.

We're full anyway

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