K-pop girl group TWICE appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show Tuesday (March 14), and their interview with the singer and host has taken over the internet.

The global sensations dropped by the show to promote their 12th mini album, Ready to Be, as well as their upcoming world tour of the same name.

Kelly Clarkson called the group "one of the most popular K-pop groups in the world" as she introduced them to screams and cheers from the audience.

"Yeah, get it out, woo!" Clarkson joked with the crowd.

A TikTok video of Twice's interview with Clarkson has gained over 2 million views as of publishing.

In one moment during the conversation, Clarkson complimented member Jeongyeon's "sultry" speaking voice.

"You have a very beautiful speaking voice. It's, like, low. It's like very low and sultry, I like it. Very deep, I like it," she said.

"Kelly Clarkson said what needed to be said," one fan commented on TikTok.


On Twitter, a separate clip from the interview, in which Clarkson learns how to correctly pronounce member Tzuyu's name, has also gone viral, amassing nearly 4 million views.

"Wait, what?" Clarkson exclaims when she learns the pronunciation, politely asking Tzuyu how she'd like her to say it.

"Oh, how you say is adorable!" Clarkson gushes.

Fans were delighted by the interaction, and many appreciated Clarkson's acknowledgment of the correct pronunciation.

"I think it's cute that she asked, she genuinely didn't know, and many Onces [Twice fans] have struggled to learn how to say it (me included, it took me a lot of time to figure it out), so her asking Tzu how she wanted her to pronounce it was very sweet," one fan tweeted in reply to the clip.

"Kindness and Respect is so easy. I love it," another fan noted on Twitter.

Clarkson also corrected her own pronunciation of Nayeon's name at another point in the interview.

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Fans were also delighted by member Sana's revelation that she loves to eat Takis, plus Dahyun's love for "hamburger, pizza, chocolate, potato and pasta," which prompted Clarkson to announce, "I found my sister in the group."

TWICE also performed their newest single, "Moonlight Sunrise," on the show.

See more reactions from TWICE fans, below:

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