The paparazzo who was tragically killed after being struck by a car while trying to score a photo of Justin Bieber has ignited quite the conversation in the celebrity world, with the likes of Miley Cyrus and now former supermodel Janice Dickinson tossing in their two cents.

(Don't go anywhere. You have change coming.)

While the Biebs gave a very eloquent statement that expressed the need for legislation to protect celebs and the paparazzi themselves from these sorts of accidents, Cyrus took to Twitter and compared Bieber's situation to that of the media-hounded Princess Diana, calling into question photog Chris Guerra's decision to stand in the street.

In her opinion, his mother should have taught him better. Yikes.

Dickinson, on the other hand, is partially siding with the photographer and confident that despite the recent call for new laws about this sort of thing, “common sense will prevail.”

As the very vocal former 'America's Next Top Model' judge explained, “Photographers have always been around and they have rights too. People have got to realize that they are trying to make a living by getting a picture and there are no laws banning them.” She also added that she felt sorry for the 29-year-old photographer's family.

We do too, but her words are rather suspect since -- like many other quasi-celebrities these days -- she wouldn't be nearly as famous were it not for those pesky professional shutterbugs. In fact, some attention-starved souls even court their attention on the sly.