Comic book geeks, movie fanboys and Batman lovers all around the world, prepare to be jealous. Recently, a Batman copycat, complete with a very authentic-looking batsuit and a custom made batcycle, has been spotted several times in Japan. Although not much is known about this Dark Knight, there have been many a YouTube videos capturing this would-be super hero in the city of Chiba, which has earned him the moniker of Chibatman.

One thing is for sure, he may not have Bruce Wayne's billions, but whoever this guy is under the suit, he has to have a pretty nice bankroll. It's not like you can just order a custom-made batsuit from your local tailor. And by the looks of his motorcycle, it has to be a custom model as well. It kind of makes you wonder what superhero may appear next in the real world. Whoever attempts it, will have some pretty big shoes to fill with Chibatman on the streets.