After Britney Spears split with Jason Trawick, he stepped down as her co-conservator. Now, her pops, Jamie Spears, is back on -- and keeping a very close eye on Brit.

Radar Online reports that Britney will remain under her conservatorship for at least another year, and that Jamie will keep her on a pretty short leash. “There are absolutely no plans to petition the court for the conservatorship to end,” a source said. “It is highly unlikely it will end for at least another year."

The source clarified that this isn't because Jamie's mean, but because he's scared of shady characters infiltrating Brit's circle. “Jamie will be keeping a very close eye on Britney now she no longer has Jason in her life," the source said. "He loved Jason like a son and trusted him to look after his daughter."

The whole situation is pretty depressing: "Now that Jason is gone, Jamie is concerned that Britney doesn't have any true friends to look out for her outside of her immediate family members, and he believes it is more important than ever right now to keep the conservatorship in place to protect her," the source said. "As part of his conservatorship duties, Jamie controls who Britney interacts with, she isn't free to go out and meet people on her own. It’s actually a really sad situation for Britney because she is extremely lonely, but Jamie wants to ensure there’s no repeat of the Sam Lutfi situation and that his daughter is not taken advantage of.”

Apparently the conservatorship was part of what led to Spears and Trawick's breakup: he felt more like a dad to the 'Toxic' singer and less like a romantic partner. The source continued, “Jason will always be a part of Britney’s life, although obviously he won’t be there for her day in and day out anymore, and he is concerned for her mental health now she is on her own. Britney’s got very complicated issues that need constant attention and monitoring. Jason has the utmost faith in Jamie’s ability to manage his daughter’s life, but the question will always remain though ... when, if ever, will the conservatorship be able to be brought to an end?”

Fox News reports that the role stressed Trawick out quite a bit. "It has really been in motion awhile," a source said of their breakup. "Jason has been very stressed and concerned for Britney and what she might do if he left. He is worried about her and really loved her, but it started to take a real toll on him. The burden of taking care instead of a partnership where she also takes care."

"It was exhausting for Jason and not the way he wanted to live his life," the source added. "But this is best for both of them."

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