Congratulations to singer Jay Sean and his wife, Thara Natalie! The happy couple welcomed their first child, daughter Ayva, into the world on Friday, Dec. 13, he announced on Instagram today.

"Yuuuuup! I'm a daddy!!!!! Meet our lil baby girl, Ayva. She was born on the 13th December, weighing in at 6pounds 7ounces. It was the most incredible moment of my life seeing her enter this world," Jay Sean captioned the photo, as he went on to describe the life-changing day.

"Wifey @tharanatalie (who was unbelievably strong and composed thru it all btw- yogamommy!!) had a music playlist for her delivery - a mixture of diff artists and some of her fav songs - (including mine!) Would u believe of all the songs on the playlist she was born to daddy's song!!?!!!" the proud papa continued.

"She was born to 'Luckiest Man'. And of course - that I am! Love this little one to bits. Ayva Loveen Kaur Jhooti is her full name. Look forward to bringing her along on the road so u can meet her," he wrote, before ending the post with several hashtags.

"#imadad #butistillfeellikeakidmyself #shesalreadymorematurethanmeandshesonly3daysold," he concluded.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and welcome, baby Avya!