This is one of the greatest pranks I've ever seen!

So Pepsi and Jeff Gordon decided to prank an unsuspecting car salesman by disguising Jeff Gordon, and making him look old. He goes to the car lot and asks to test drive the Camaro, well instead of taking it for a test drive, he takes the car salesman for the most terrifying ride of his life. His reaction was priceless! My favorite part was at the end after Jeff Gordon reveals himself the car salesman says "Wanna do that again?!"

So not going to lie I grew up around race tracks and going to car shows with my dad. My dad is a mechanic and has his own show car that he restored, it's a 1969 Mach 1 Mustang in case you were wondering! And One of my favorite things as a kid was having my dad go fast, you know those old muscle cas when you just punch the gas and it throws you into your seat, that was always one of my favorite things to have my dad do. I also used to race go karts back when I was in Junior High. True story, betcha didn't know that about me! So one thing I've always wanted to do is go for a ride in a professional drift car, so just sayin' if you know someone hook a sista up! haha so I am kind of jealous of this guy because that looks terrifying but so fun.

Check out the video below!