Jessie J doesn’t just sound like Katy Perry .. and you know she does on her smash hit single ‘Domino.’ She is also a chameleon like Perry when it comes to her hair.

The British singer, who usually sports glossy, pitch black locks and heavy bangs, debuted a new look on Twitter. Perry may have changed her hair color six times in the past year and is currently enjoying a bright blue hue — but the Double J isn’t copying off her or going blue. She’s blonde. Sort of.

As you can see from this image, Jessie J is blonde … on her tips. She is sporting that ombre look, where hair gets gradually lighter at the ends, fading out in a subtle, as opposed to drastic, way. Jessie J’s look is a bit more striking, since the color contrast of chocolate and honey hues is quite visible on her stick straight locks, which may or may not be extensions.

She tweeted: “Look I’m Blonde : D wooooooo.” We heard the melody from ‘Domino,’ when she sings “Woo ooo ooo ooo” in the chorus, in our heads upon reading tweet.

PopCrush readers, what do you think of Jessie J’s new ‘do hue? We love it.