Jessie J is locked in a heated battle with haters right now, many of which attacked her, saying she has "come out as straight" after she was labeled a bisexual in a Glamour cover story that came out a few years ago.

The singer posted an extremely long response -- clearly, the hate and smack talk bothers herm and we can understand why — saying she never identified as bi, never called herself such; she experimented and that she doesn't regret it.

The crux of her post is that she isn't bi and doesn't appreciate the hate for being straight. She has been with women in the past, but identifies as straight. That made people assume she spoke out about a romance with a woman in order to get press and to cultivate a gay fanbase. Nicki Minaj had a similar situation, only she admitted to saying she was bi to get attention. Lady Gaga has reaffirmed her bisexuality, since we're on the subject of other pop divas and their orientation.

So yeah, Double J is not chuffed -- to use a British slang word -- about the haters saying she has "come out" as straight. She says she always was. However, that Glamour piece certainly appeared to paint a picture of a bisexual lifestyle; it wasn't edited to seem like Jessie was revealing a "one-off" relationship with a woman, but perhaps that's exactly what it was.

The 'Price Tag' singer carefully detailed her position and her experiences in a passionate post that was well beyond the 140-character limit of Twitter.

So, to summarize: Jessie claims it was the media had classified her as a bisexual when she herself did not. She just spoke about having fallen for a female. It's a tricky argument, one built on semantics.

Below is her very long explanation, defending herself. She clearly cares about how she is perceived and does not want to appear as though she claimed bisexuality as a marketing ploy to sell records and to move units.

Jessie has also dealt with rumors that she is a lesbian, which were shot down. You can read her full message here.