Jordin Sparks sparkles, even in workout gear. The singer and girlfriend of Jason Derulo shared a candid, natural photo from her photo shoot for the active wear brand via Facebook.

She’s obviously dressed down but even when attired in clothes designed for working up a sweat, she still looks fashionable. Her best accessory, though? That billion dollar smile she’s flashing.

Sparks commented on how much she loved the bright colors of the gear, posting: “One of my looks from my Reebok shoot yesterday! I love that they are my favorite colors! Purple and Vitamin C orange! You can get this gear this fall! : )” Who says that workout duds need to be just that — duds! You can break a serious sweat on the eliptical or in your spin class and look good doing it.

If you like how cute, sporty and stylish the former ‘American Idol‘ winner looks, you can copy her look and nab some of the threads for yourself in a few months.

Working out is something a lot of people dread, but when you can wear really cute and colorful clothing while doing something that is a chore to do, it makes such a mundane and boring task that much more bearable.