Good news for Beliebers! Justin Bieber is riding on the success of 'Believe' with another record soon. The Biebs is going acoustic!

Bieber confirmed the news on Twitter, writing, "Been writing a lot… new stuff ... The acoustic album, new arrangements, is happening ... #withdankanter." Digital Spy points out that Bieber's announcement followed hints from his oft-bitter manager, Scooter Braun, about the project. "We need another acoustic album," Braun tweeted.

It will be the second acoustic released for Biebs. He previously issued an acoustic collection of his 'My World' album back in 2010. He's been performing some guitar-driven acoustic tracks live on his Believe tour, and they've been well-received by Beliebers. The Canadian cutie also recorded an acoustic rendition of his hit 'Boyfriend' for his newest 'Girlfriend' fragrance commercial.

Maybe this album will be the one that finally earns Biebs that Grammy nod! It's about time, too -- whether you're a Belieber or not, the boy puts in work.

Watch Justin Bieber Perform 'Boyfriend' Acoustic