There is more good news about the Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone collabo. It looks like this pairing is MUCH more than some loose, low-pressure fun in the studio. It seems like the real deal that will produce a song and they are working on an actual duet.

Beliebers and Mahomies went nuts after seeing the photo of the two in the studio, which was posted by Biebs, wondering what their efforts would lead to.

It also squashed any rumors of a rivalry between the two, since Mahone has been primed as Da Biebs' heir apparent. But as they are proving, there is plenty of room in the pop sphere for two talented singers who can dance and have great hair and even better fans!

Another pic has been posted and a source has revealed some details of this pairing.

Mahone, who turns 18 tomorrow (April 4), also shared the photo, writing: "What an amazing song last night..The world isn't ready!" His label head honcho Mack Maine also shared another photo, which we posted below.

We have no doubts about the amazingness of the song. We just want the boys to hurry up and get it to our ears.

Mahone shared another photo, posted below, captioning it: "Day 2! #StudioNights."

Since they are spending multiple nights in the studio together, it's clear that their collabo is not merely some messing around or fun. It's going to be massive. How can it not be?

"They really respect each other's music," a source told E! News about the Bieber x Mahone combo. "They work with a lot of the same producers and Justin knew Austin has been in the studio working on his album. Justin had a song he thought could be really perfect to do with Austin so they got together in the studio."

Okay, Beliebers and Mahomies. Get another look at the terrific twosome in the studio as magic is being made.

Speaking of Bieber collabos, the Justin Bieber x Bruno Mars collabo was just a Twitter trending topic. You know what that means? It has to happen, because, well, Twitter demands it. Could you imagine those two crooners on one song? The Biebs even tweeted about making it happen. We can't even!