You’ve probably seen adorable photos of Justin Bieber‘s little brother and sister, Jaxon and Jazmyn. But have you heard of his big brother, Jordan Bieber? You will now!

Comedian Ted Alexandro pokes fun at the Biebs and the business in a new video, ‘Nepotizzle,’ that skewers the proliferation of stars’ siblings in the entertainment world. Donning a blond wig and purple hoodie, Alexandro — as Jordan Bieber — dishes on his new album, ‘Old World’ and how he plans to make it big.

“This album is gonna prove once and for all to the fans, to the critics and to my mother who the real Bieber is.”

Jordan’s swagger coach, Ryan Best (based on Justin’s real life swagger coach, Ryan Butler) is the first testimonial we’re treated to. “People say I’m just working with Jordan because his last name is Bieber,” Butler says. “That’s poppycock, yo! I’d work with him no matter what his last name is. Like if it was Timberlake or Knowles or somethin’. He’s got it. He’s special.”

Soon, we get a glimpse of Jordan in the studio singing ‘Daddy’ (hint: it’s not an ode to his father), then to him practicing choreography. “For me, seeing the dancers come together is really the most special part of my tour,” Jordan says. His choreographer adds, “Apparently, we’re gonna have a big tour, within a 30-mile radius of Omaha, Neb. We gonna’ be wildin’ out!”

One of his dancers is especially excited to work with Bieber … Though he didn’t specify which. “My manager called me into the living room (my manager is my mother),” he says, “and she said, ‘Bieber needs dancers!’ And I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve been dreaming of being a Bieber dancer for like, 28 years. And I went to the audition and found out it was for Jordan Bieber.” Two female dancers described their dancing in a food court as “the weirdest job” they’ve ever done. Soon they all get a lecture from Jordan that ends with a disciplinary 23-word (yes, you read that correctly) essay.

Jordan shows us his work with his clothing line (he has a sewing machine and steamer) and gives live footage of a concert in a small, intimate setting where a stage dive goes horribly wrong … And a key team member leaves him.

The video is a pretty hilarious look not only at Bieber’s beginnings, but also at the business behind the Ashlee Simpsons and Solange Knowles’ of the industry. “Remember,” Jordan says, “on ‘Nepotizzle,’ it’s all relative.”

Watch Jordan Bieber in ‘Nepotizzle’