Another clip for Justin Bieber‘s much anticipated ‘Boyfriend’ video (which drops tomorrow (May 3) at 7:50PM on MTV) has landed. And guess what? It looks totally different from the teasers that came before it. A bit incongruous? Yes. But totally intriguing? You betcha!

In this latest, super short teaser preview, The Biebs is looking all sorts of matinee idol, wearing sunglasses and sitting in a muscle car, with a raven-haired beauty draped all over him. There’s a few snippets of The Biebs dancing, too. Mmm hmm.

And that’s about it.

There’s not enough in the way of context clues to surmise what happens in this video other than The Biebs romancing a lucky lady.

One thing is not disputable and that’s the fact that The Biebs is crossing that threshold from boy to man. He’s acting like a sexy pop star, not a teen idol, in this snippet, as well as the ones that came before it. The teaser with female hands clawing and grabbing at him and ‘The Voice’ snippet were set to the intro of ‘Boyfriend’ just as this clip is, so we’re slightly curious about the chronology and styling.

But guess what? All our questions will be answered tomorrow when ‘Boyfriend’ finally drops.

We. Cannot. Wait.

And for good measure, here’s Teaser 1. And Teaser 2. Don’t forget Teaser 3. Or ‘The Voice’ teaser, either.

Watch Justin Bieber ‘Boyfriend’ Video Teaser