Justin Bieber is a proud papa... of a new American bulldog puppy, of course. Want to see the cute pooch? 

The Biebs' dad Jeremy Bieber shared a photo of Karma, the latest addition to The Family Bieber and revealed his name, which was chosen by a Belieber.

Karma is adorbs, isn't he?

While The Biebs has dealt with backlash for purchasing the dog at a pet store in Stratford, Ontario in his native Canada and for the fact that he has been less than responsible with prior pets, such as Pac the hamster (who is R.I.P. after being given away to a Belieber) and Mally, his monkey who was quarantined and abandoned in Germany due to customs rules, it appears that he is being a good pup parent to Karma.

Also, judging from his social media updates, Jeremy Bieber appears smitten with the dog. It's highly likely that Papa Bear Biebs will care for the pooch while The Biebs is away and working, be it recording, on tour or otherwise.

Whatever the case, Karma will get a lot of love, since JB's little siblings, Jazmyn and Jaxon, will be there for him, too.

The sleepy pooch photo is below! What a tub of wrinkles! It's reported that the dog came from a breeder and not a mill.

Jeremy captioned the snap: "Meet Karma Bieber #puppy."

Jeremy also tweeted about how Karma got his name and that the pup is a biter! Well, he is teething at 7 weeks. Give him some good chew toys and he'll get through that phase. That's PopCrush's advice.