While Justin Bieber has been having a ball teasing his Beliebers with snippets of his ‘Boyfriend‘ video, he still hasn’t announced when the clip will drop in full. However, Biebs tweeted another video to tide us over: A particularly graceful and coordinated Belieber dancing with a pro choreographer to his latest smash.

Bieber was incredibly impressed with the video, writing, “WHAT?!?! This goes hard! And she got the Bieber T on! haha. SWAGGY!”

Fedora enthusiast and choreographer Jake Kodish and dancer Chrysti-Ane Lopes star in the clip, in which they move and groove to a truncated version of the song. Bonus Beliebers points go to the stunning Lopes, who even dons a Justin Bieber t-shirt.

The duo start out outside in a public street, where Kodish pursues an initially reluctant Lopes, but eventually wins her over. Their movements are simultaneously robotic yet incredibly fluid, putting the “pop” in teen pop.

The next scene takes the pair to an apartment, where they first dance sitting on a couch, then move to the floor. After some fadeout, the couple appears on a rooftop, where Lopes takes the lead. The vignette ends with the dancing duo’s silhouettes holding hands against the sunset. Cute!

Do you think Biebs and galpal Selena Gomez will reenact this?

Watch the ‘Boyfriend’ Dance Video