Justin Bieber's deposition regarding a lawsuit brought on by a Miami photographer took place Thursday, March 6. The Biebs was none too pleased with the line of questioning and reportedly stormed out when the subject of Selena Gomez came up.

According to TMZ, The Biebs was deposed for nearly five hours due to a lawsuit filed by a snapper who says that members of Bieber's goon squad beat him up. The singer was asked a lot of questions but the discussion went south when his ex was brought into the mess.

TMZ reports the snapper's lawyer asked if Gomez was there during any incidents related to photographer fights. The Biebs' counsel Howard Weitzman objected to that line of questioning, since it was irrelevant and appeared to be a tactic meant to agitate the singer and a method with which to goad him into a fight.

The lawyer did not let up and The Biebs grew increasingly angry. After another attempt to ask about Sel, both Biebs and his lawyer stood up and left, with The Biebs reportedly yelling, "Don't ask me about her, do not ask me about her!"

Despite storming out, he didn't cool off. He returned a few minutes later, still irritated. When he responded to a question with "Yeah," the lawyer asked if he meant "yes." The Biebs' reply? "What the f--k is the difference between yeah and yes?!"

Someone wore his cranky pants to the deposition! A lengthy questioning session such as this is certainly enough to arouse anyone's ire, though.

He also referred to the lawyer as "Katie Couric," obviously a reference to being grilled as though he were on TV.

He denied having a Xanax RX, too.