When it comes to Justin Bieber's relationship with Lil Twist and Lil Za, there's definitely something to be said for his loyalty to his two friends. Even with all the trouble and headaches they cause him, JB refuses to ditch them.

According to TMZ, people in Justin Bieber's management have been begging the pop star to leave his permanent houseguests behind as friends and maybe hang around with kids who don't get into as much trouble. Unfortunately for those who believe Twist and Za are bad influences, the 'All Around the World' singer is not paying attention to their concerns and refuses to create distance between he and his friends in an act of loyalty.

We agree that dropping a couple of good friends can be difficult, but Justin has only gotten into trouble once he started hanging out with these kids. Not a week goes by without either Lil Twist or Lil Za getting in trouble in Justin's cars. This week, Twist got a DUI in Bieber's Fisker Karma, which is totally irresponsible and not something friends do.

Justin, there are plenty of kids your age who are on the right track in life and (this is a big one) who have their own cars, not to mention their own residences! Can you believe that?!