Justin Bieber dropped a preview clip from his video for ‘As Long as You Love Me,’ which is more like a short film than just another music video. In the footage, he clashes with ‘Reservoir Dogs’ actor Michael Madsen, who plays the father of his girlfriend, the latter of which we meet in a scant few flashbacks. The Biebs assumes the role of a young James Dean-like heartthrob, complete with swag, swag, swag, in this clip.

Madsen, known for his role as a hardened tough guy in ‘Reservoir Dogs,’ cuts an imposing figure in this clip. He lets The Biebs know he means business when it comes to his little girl. He says, “Listen kid, my daughter is everything. She needs me as much as I need her… I have to let her go. When I do, she needs to be with a man, not a boy. ”

Well, The Biebs has been pushing the notion that he’s not a boy anymore ever since ‘Believe’ dropped, so this is familiar conceptual turf for Beliebers.

His simple reply to Madsen, though? He says, “I love her.”

The overly-protective papa also predicts the future, saying, “One day you’ll leave her for somebody else and break her heart. That can’t happen.”

The Biebs dismisses that scenario, saying, “You don’t know us,” to which Madsen says, “I don’t want to. I don’t want to know you.” Ouch. He’s not jokin’, JB. You are dabbling with precious cargo when it comes to his daughter.

Madsen-as-dad is enough to scare any prospective suitor away. But The Biebs stands his ground.

The girlfriend’s whereabouts are not clear. She’s holed up in a room and The Biebs is on a payphone – another 2012 pop culture reference for this long-dead mode of communication, the first obviously from Maroon 5.

You got us, Biebs. We’re hooked. We want to know more about Madsen’s daughter – the girl you love.