Beliebers, this is one photo we were NOT expecting to see. Justin Bieber is known for his shirtless selfies, but his latest is totally R-rated. OMG!

Taking to the Shots app, the Biebs shared a seriously scandalous (and shirtless!) snap of himself from a low angle, making it appear like he is totally naked. As Bieber stares into the camera with his eyebrows raised, he shows off everything from the lower waist-up, including his wealth of tattoos and a simple gold medallion necklace hanging loosely around his neck. Of course, the most shocking aspect of the picture is the angle from which he took it, making it seem like if he were to hold the camera any lower fans would really get an eyeful.

While it's possible that the 20-year-old singer is wearing boxers or pants, they would have to be dangerously low-cut, considering just how far down we can see Bieber's lower stomach -- abdominal hair and all! Completely naked or not, one thing's for sure: Bieber definitely wants to make it seem like he is.

Check out the pic above!

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