We know Justin Bieber is trying to get edgier, but wait -- gun charges?!

Yup. Biebs is in big trouble in his native Canada for accidentally shooting a woman ... with a Nerf dart.

TMZ reports that Bieber and his three-year-old brother and four-year-old sister were playing with Nerf guns backstage at an Ottawa concert when a female employee of the venue became collateral damage in their friendly fire war. The incident went down in November, and the employee is royally P.O.ed.

The employee, who claimed to be a security guard at the venue, was extremely angry at being hit by a stray Nerf dart. The woman actually filed a police report, which sources say the Canadian authorities are taking really seriously. Dude, really? Over a Nerf dart?

This is probably the least of Bieber's problems right now. The 'Beauty and a Beat' singer is still dealing with his split from longtime love Selena Gomez and dealing with the fallout over photos featuring him and a blunt. Between this and the alleged water bottle incident, it's probably due time to give the guy a break.

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