We la-la-la-la love when Justin Bieber goes acoustic.

The Biebs turned in a dramatic and emotional acoustic rendition of his latest single ‘As Long as You Love Me’ at BBC’s Maida Vale Studios for the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards.

The singer was accompanied by a beanie-wearing guitarist who was super animated, closing his eyes and shaking his head in time with the melody. The leather pants-wearing Biebs did a wonderful job emoting and singing about la-la-la-la-loving his lady.

The Biebs was seated on a stool while performing, making eye contact with the crowd that was largely comprised of ladies. We know, absolutely no shock there. He smiled, looked up at the fans on the balcony and used his peepers to flirt with them. So cute.

The rap part of the song was featured in this performance, and it was unique to hear those lyrics and that cadence juxtaposed against acoustic strumming.

This performance certainly proves the haters who think the Biebs is all image and no substance wrong. The kid is a crazy talented singer, and each time he tackles this song in its stripped down form, we’re reminded why the ladies love him and why he’s amassing fans between teenage girls. He previously performed the song on ‘Daybreak.’

What did you think of Justin Bieber’s latest acoustic rendering of ‘As Long as You Love Me,’ PopCrushers? We la-la-la-la-loved it.

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