We were waiting for this to happen. First, Justin Bieber is wanted for questioning after scuffling with a member of the paparazzi in L.A. Now the case is being referred to the D.A’s office in L.A. County, which means that the Biebs may face criminal prosecution. Oh no! The Biebs might be in some scalding hot water. Gasp! What to do?

TMZ reports that the investigation into the fracas is incomplete but that it will be sent over to prosecutors. But don’t fret, Beliebers. No ringing of hands or nashing of teeth in fear that your hero is in deep, deep trouble … yet.

This is a normal procedure, and the ‘Die in Your Arms‘ singer, who is currently in Norway, is still wanted for questioning. Again, it’s all standard operating procedure.

The Biebs is suspected of allegedly committing criminal battery after a snapper got too close to him and his GF Selena Gomez while they were trying to catch a movie in the same town where he just bought a mansion. A bit of an altercation ensued — the pap called 911 and Biebs lost a shoe, then split. The shutterbug filed a police report after being hospitalized.

Now, remember, this is all hypothetical, but if the Biebs is convicted, he faces six months in the slammer.

While we are by no means a part of the long arm of the law nor do we profess to know the ins and outs of criminal and civil cases, something tell us it won’t get that far, though. It may end up costing the Biebs some cash, but we’d be shocked if he serves any jail time.

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