Justin Bieber is a ballsy young man. He has reportedly told the writers at 'Saturday Night Live' that it's open season when he hosts the show, and serves as the musical guest, on Feb. 9.

The 'Boyfriend' singer told the writing team that everything in his life is fair game for their jokes and skits. Oh Biebs, do you really want to open that can of worms? Yeah, you do.

The singer has given the show permission to skewer him and spoof him however they see fit. Whatever gets the most laughs, right? Not even his recent blunt smoking debacle is off limits.

TMZ reports that The Biebs and his camp told the writers to push as far as they want. Wow, The Biebs is taking this hosting business seriously, now isn't he?

As we said before, celebs often come on the show after an embarrassing event or situation and poke fun of themselves to bring levity to the situation and to show that they, too, are humans. This is a strategic, calculated and smart move on his team's part to play down the photos and the drama that ensued.

We're dying to know if Selena Gomez will somehow be incorporated into the skits.
Or if Jason Sudeikis will impersonate The Biebe during the ep.

One thing's for sure – we are tuning in and recapping the ep on Feb. 9.

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