Once and for all: Did Justin Bieber spit on his fans? Did the pictures lie?

Maybe, maybe not.

"Justin didn't spit on anyone," Bieber's publicist ranted to Us Weekly. "No fans were below the balcony."

The mouthpiece added, "In fact, earlier in the day, Justin bought his fans hot chocolate and played them some of his new music. Justin loves his fans." Aw, that is pretty sweet. And though Bieber does detest paps, he usually is pretty good to his Beliebers ... usually.

Of course, this admission didn't stop Bieber's rep from ripping on the media, who were simply reporting on what the pictures portrayed.

"At what point are we going to start demanding that journalists actually fact check?" his rep raved. "And at what point does the media have to have some kind of standard or some kind of integrity?"

While his rep wants the media to behave, Bieber's team wants him to behave -- and they're glad Selena Gomez is somewhat in the picture to keep the Boy Wonder in check, including having him at her 21st birthday party.

"Selena invited him," a source revealed. "It was sweet that he came. They are just friends, but it goes back and forth. They are so young, so it's not one thing. They are always friends but still have strong feelings for each other. It's not a black and white, on or off thing."

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