2012 has been a rollercoaster year for Justin Bieber. He has gone through ups and downs in his relationship with Selena Gomez, he has a sold out Believe tour but was snubbed for a Grammy, he faced baby mama drama -- that's a lot! As a result, he had a slew of emotion to draw from for his 2012 Z100 Jingle Ball performance, which likely earned him even more Beliebers than before.

Coming onstage to screams that may make your eardrums bleed, confetti and Canadian cuteness took over. Biebs opened his set with 'All Around the World,' a good choice for someone who's been just that and more since the beginning of 2012. Flanked by touchy-feely dancers (avert your eyes, Sel!), Biebs rocked a white tank, chains, black pants with red knees and a matching, open red button down shirt. Bieber sported shades for the beginning of his performance, but as anyone who's ever worn sunglasses in summer knows, once you get sweaty, those have to come off before they slide off.

Bieber followed with 'Beauty and a Beat,' and unfortunately there was no Nicki Minaj to support him. However, he didn't mind too much, because there were other beauties in the crowd. "Whenever I come to New York City, I always see so many beautiful girls," he sighed. "And I was thinking, what's a beauty without a beat, you know?" Partying like it was 3012, the crowd went nuts.

Next was an acoustic rendition of 'Be Alright,' which Biebs introduced as "a song for the ladies." Aside from stripping down sonically, Bieber also removed his button down shirt, inciting screams that almost drowned him out briefly. He followed with 'Fall,' playing guitar on the track, and closed with 'Christmas Eve,' off of his 'Mistletoe' record. How festive!

Watch Justin Bieber Perform 'Beauty and a Beat' at Z100 Jingle Ball 2012

Watch Justin Bieber Perform 'Be Alright' at Z100 Jingle Ball 2012

Watch Justin Bieber Perform 'Fall' at Z100 Jingle Ball 2012

Watch Justin Bieber Perform 'Christmas Eve' at Z100 Jingle Ball 2012