Movie star Justin Timberlake hasn't had the same resonance as musical sensation Justin Timberlake (or even 'Saturday Night Live' Host Justin Timberlake), but he keeps trying and works with good people. His rumored next film could be promising: 'The Last Drop,' which will be directed by Peter Sollett.

This comes from Variety, who say that Timberlake is in talks to headline the film, which is about "a charming alcoholic who works as a restaurant critic for New York Magazine. When he falls for a young woman, he realizes he must overcome his self-destructive addiction in order to have a real chance with her."

That sounds a little creaky and rom-com-y, but in the hands of Peter Sollett it could be great (and the script was on the Black List), and it's the sort of thing that could be challenging. Timberlake was great in 'The Social Network,' but that played on his energy, and his ability to alienate. In stock romantic roles like 'Friends with Benefits' he was charming enough but he couldn't elevate the material. Sollett directed the wonder 2002's film 'Raising Victor Vargas' and did all right with 'Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist.' He's shown a great craft with actors, and tends to get excellent performances out of his leads. The two working together should be interesting.

Timberlake currently has two films in the can, Joel and Ethan Coen's 'Inside Llewyn Davis' and 'Runner, Runner,' which is directed by 'The Lincoln Lawyer's Brad Furman.